Dr. Saheli Ray


Assistant Professor
Email: saheli[at]ee[dot]nits[dot]ac[dot]in
Date of Joining: 14/06/2018
Academic/Industrial Experience:
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  • Power system reliability, Power distribution system, Microgrid operation and economics, Application of soft computing techniques in power system, Zero net energy building, Resiliency of power system.


Saheli Ray was born in Udaipur, Tripura in 1984. She graduated in Electrical Engineering from NIT Agartala (formerly Tripura Engineering College) in 2006. She completed her M. Tech from NIT Silchar in 2009. After that, She joined NIT Agartala as Assistant Professor (contractual). She also pursued her PhD from NIT Agartala and obtained PhD degree in 2017. In June 2018, She joined Electrical Engineering Department of NIT Silchar as Assistant Professor.


  • Power System I
  • Power System II
  • Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments
  • Digital Electronics
  • Basic Electrical Engineering


  • Member, IEEE




  • Departmental Time-Table coordinator (February, 2022-till date)
  • Member of the institute examination cell (2019-2023)
  • Faculty In-Charge, Departmental Library, Electrical Engineering Department
  • Associate Lab In-charge of the Personal Computer Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Associate Lab In-charge of the Non Conventional Energy Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Associate Warden of Girls’ Hostel -2 of NIT Silchar (May 2019-December 2020)
  • Document Verifying Officer in JoSAA (2020-2021)


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Sl. No. Name of the Workshop Date From Date To
1 Five-Day Short Term Course on ‘Challenges in Operation and Control of Distributed Energy Resources’ 26-07-2019 30-07-2019
2 Five-day online Short Term
Course On ‘Opportunities and
Challenges in New Power
Distribution Paradigm’
18-09-2020 22-09-2020



Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Status Research Area Supervision
1  M.M. Jaganath Ongoing  Power System Main Supervisor
2  Sukalyan Maji Ongoing  Power System Co-Supervisor
3  Tanima Bal Ongoing  Power System Co-Supervisor
4  Amit Chakraborty Ongoing  Power System Sole Supervisor
5  Ayush Purwar Ongoing  Renewable Energy Co-Supervisor


Sl. No. Name of Scholar Status Thesis Title Supervision
 1.  Bhavya Kumari  Completed  Optimal Operating Cost of a
Micro-Grid with BESS
 Sole Supervisor
 2.  Anannya Das  Completed  Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distribution Static Compensator
(D-STATCOM) to Minimize Total Power Loss and Total Cost
 Sole Supervisor