Why EE@NIT Silchar


The Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) is continuously producing “Engineers for Future” to serve the entire world since its inception. We transform AIEEE/JEE qualified student to “Engineers for Future”. The NIT Silchar is the leading institution to propel our nation and consequently, our alumni are doing job in renowned industries in India and abroad. We are sure that, you can explore the entire World through EE in NIT Silchar. We have sufficient facilities for every academic and research aspect.

Our students conduct experiments on Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles, Advanced Control Systems, Soft Computing, Image/Video/Speech processing, Signal Processing, and many more research areas. We have a very good number of student publications on IEEE, ACM, Springer as well as in leading journals. Even, our students developed hardware models, websites, Android Apps, and many other small software. The students of EE in NIT Silchar enjoy learning developing software, nurturing new ideas, innovating, publishing a research paper, attending/conducting a workshop, opening an owner software farm, and many more educational-related activities. Students avail the opportunity to visit foreign institutes as part of their UG curriculum also.

The EE at NIT Silchar is made up of a mix of 28 experienced and young faculties. The faculties are provided every facilities to live their happy life and research. Once joined as faculties of EE, NIT Silchar, never turns over to other institutes, because of the motivating working environment of EEDept. in NIT Silchar. The department deals with the challenges of society and the world as a whole. Every faculty involves in academic, research and, other development activities.

Life@EE, NIT Silchar

The EE in NIT Silchar provides lab 24×7 hours for everyone. The people of the department enjoy working hard in well-equipped laboratories with high modern instruments and high-speed internet connectivity.

Apart from the academics, the Silchar city is a very cool place in terms of security, temperature, natural beauty, and people. The place is surrounded by a number of beautiful tea gardens and lakes. There is a blend of city and village life together. The people of EE arrange interactions and events on a regular basis.

Join us and Enjoy Your Life in Your Own Way to Create Something Unique!