Dr. Rajeeb Dey


Associate Professor
Email: rajeeb[at]ee[dot]nits[dot]ac[dot]in
Date of Joining: 28/11/2014
Academic/Industrial Experience: 25+ years
Google Scholar: Click Here


  • Control System Theory (Robust control, time-delay control, Estimation theory)
  • Control Applications – Biomedical systems, Robotics, Power System Engg
  • Control of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Modeling of Social and Behavioral Systems


Born at Tezu (Lohit District) Arunachal Pradesh in 1971, completed schooling from East Kameng district (Seppa), Arunachal Pradesh in 1987, completed Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Lukdhirji Engineering college, Morbi, Gujarat in 1990, served as service engineer in industry till 1992, than served Govt. Polytechnic Silchar during 1992-1997. Completed B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) from NERIST, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh (1998-2001), M.Tech in Control System Engineering from I.I.T Kharagpur (2005-2007), Ph.D. (Engineering) from Electrical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University, Kolkata (2007-2012). Served Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim (2001-2014), joined Electrical Engineering Department NIT Silchar in 2014. Married to Dr. Barnali Dey and blessed with a daughter “Raajika”.


  • Digital Control System (UG/PG)
  • Artificial Neural Network (UG)
  • Control System – II/Modeern Control System (UG)
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab (UG)
  • Control System I/Control System (UG)
  • Estimation and Adaptive Control (PG)
  • Artificial Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic (UG)
  • Intelligent Control System (UG/PG)
  • Control System Lab (UG)
  • Process Control and Instrumentation Lab (UG)
  • Optimal & Robust Control (PG)
  • Analog & Digital Communication (UG)


  • Senior Member, IEEE’2013
  • FIE(I)’21
  • IFAC affiliate’08
  • Member ACDOS’14


  • University First Rank in B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) – NERIST (under NEHU, Shillong)
  • Postdoc fellowship by TWAS (The world academy of Science, Italy) in 2014.
  • National Associateship by Department of Bio-Technology, Govt. of India in 2012.
  • Editor for International Journal for Advanced Intelligence Paradigm – SCOPUS
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Access – SCIE
  • Editor Acta Polytechnica Hungarica, SCIE
  • Guest Editor, Processes-SI, MDPI in 2023 – SCIE
  • IFAC, TC 3.2 (Computational Intelligence in Control) Member
  • Secretary, ACDOS (IFAC-NMO/India) till June 2023.
  • Hon. Secretary, IE(I) Silchar Local center 2022-2024.



  • Coordinator, High Performance Computing Center, NIT Silchar since 2023.
  • Associate Warden (Hostel 9 D) till 2019-2021
  • Faculty Adviser, IE(I) students branch (Electrical).
  • Secretary, Departmental Purchase Committee, 2017-2021
  • Past Member DUPC
  • Present Member DPPC – current
  • Project Laboratory incharge – current
  • Biomedical Signal Processing & Control Lab incharge – current
  • M.Tech (C&IA) NBA Coordinator, 2016
  • IEEE students chapter (NITS) Branch Counselor, 2015-2020


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  1. “Implementation of real-time robust delayed feedback control in an Inverted Pendulum Experimental Set-up” AICTE, GoI, (2009-2012), PI, Rs. 12.8 Lakhs, Completed.
  2. “Investigation and development of robust control strategy for nonlinear bilateral tele-operation system with delayed communication: An experimental validation for rehabilitation of stroke patients” Rs. 67.12 Lakhs,  PI (2019 – 2023), SPARC -MoE, GoI, completed.
  3. Investigation of Linear and Nonlinear Delay Differential Equation Models for assesing the stability of Dyadic Relationship in an Indian Urban Couples, SERB – MATRICS, 2020-2023, completed, PI, Rs. 6.6 Lakhs.
  4. Four (04) GIAN courses by MoE (ErstwhileMHRD), GoI (2016-2019)



  • ACODS in February 2022 at NIT Silchar jointly with IIT Guwahati.


Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Status Research Area Supervision
1  Srikanth Bondalpati Ongoing  Power System & Control Sole Supervisor
2  Anirudh Nath Completed 2019  Biomedical Engg & Control Sole Supervisor
3  Nalini Mohanty Completed 2022  Time-delay system & Chaos Sole Supervisor
4  Rupak Dutta Completed 2022  Fuzzy Time-Delay System Joint Supervisor
5  Tamal Roy Completed 2016  Wheeled Mobiled Robot & Control Joint Supervisor


Sl. No. Name of Scholar Status Thesis Title Supervision
 1.  Prantik Mazumdar  Completed, 2017  An improved Control Scheme For Shunt Active Filter Under Distorted and Unbalanced Conditions  Main (J.PMishra)
 2.  Sipon Das  Completed, 2018  Performance Analysis of Type 1 Diabetes Mallitus using Nonlinear Control  Main (S. Choudhury)
3. Bishmita Sharma Completed, 2018 Automated Cooking in a Domestic Induction Cooktop  Main (S. Choudhury)
4. Shivam Gupta Completed, 2021 SOC Estimation of a Battery Cell using Non linear filters  Sole
5. Thota Venkata Krishna Teja Completed, 2021 Investigation of Wireless Communication Medium on the control performance of Inverted Pendulum  Sole
6. Jigyansa Kar Completed, 2022 Control Oriented Modeling and Design of Control Strategies for Mechanical Ventilators in an LMI framework.  Sole
7. Suvendu Saurav Completed, 2022 Adaptive Load Voltage Regulation of a DC-DC Boost Converter with Maximum Power Tracking under uncertain conditions.  Sole
8. Anamika Completed, 2022 Adaptive Control Design for Blood Glucose Regulation of a T1DM patient in an LMI framework  Sole
9. Srinojoy Paul Ongoing Robust Control of ABS  Joint with Continental (Industry)