Dr. Avadh Pati

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Assistant Professor
Email: avadh[at]ee[dot]nits[dot]ac[dot]in
Date of Joining: 03/07/2018
Academic/Industrial Experience: 9+ years
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  • Control engineering, Maglev Systems, and its applications, Model order reduction, optimization techniques, internal model control, and variable structure and sliding mode control. Networked Control Systems, Power Electronics and Control Applications.


Born on September 10, 1983 in Siddharth Nagar  Uttar Pradesh (India).


  • Signals and Systems (UG), Digital Signal Processing (UG), Signal Processing Laboratory (UG), Modern Control Systems (UG), Control System Design Laboratory (PG), Control System Components  (UG & PG)


  • Senior Member, IEEE


  • Successfully Conducted a one-week short term course on ” Fractional Order Systems and Their Applications” from 16-20 August 2019. •Reviewer in IEEE Transaction of Industrial Electronics and IEEE Access Journal. •Worked IEEE conference reviewer in UPCON-2018 and ICCCCM-2013. •Working as a reviewer in Mathematical Computational Sciences. •Working as a reviewer in ISA Transactions. •The reviewer in Transactions in the Institute of Measurement and •Control (TIMC) in Sage Publications COMPEL of Emeralds Publications. •GATE qualified. • School Topper in the 10th standard.



             1. Member of Institute Innovation Cell

             2. NBA Member Institute Criterion

             3. Mentor of group of students of 2019 batch till their graduation

             4. Member of Hindi translation group for Annual report

             5. Joint, Convener, Industry Consultation Committee, EED

             6. Departmental Examination Coordinator

             7. Lab In-charge of Advanced Control System Laboratory

             8. Lab In-charge of Applied Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Laboratory

             9. Faculty Advisor

              10. Handling TA Distribution


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IMPRINT -II : (SERB/MHRD) (Cost: Rs. 18600000/-)

Feasible Coordinated Controlled Grid connected Photovoltaic Source DC based Fast Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle: Design, Development and Experimental
Validation as CO-PI


1.One week short term course organized  on title “Power Electronics Applications to Industrial Systems” during 07-09-2020 to 11-09-2020.

2. One week short term course organized  on title” Fractional order systems and their applications ” during 16-08-2019 to 20-08-2019.



Sl. No. Name of the Scholar Status Research Area Supervision
1  Mayank Kumar Gautam (FT) Ongoing  Control Engineering Applications Sole Supervisor
2  Dharmendra Singh (PT) Ongoing  Model Order Reduction Sole Supervisor
3  Faridul Hassan (FT) Ongoing  Power Electronics and Control Co- Supervisor
4  Raj Aryan(PT) Ongoing   Power Electronics and Control Co- Supervisor
5  Alankrita (Group-B-FT) Ongoing   Power Electronics and Control Main  Supervisor
6 Nirakar Nayak (Project- staff) Ongoing  Power Electronics and  Control Co-Supervisor
7 Tapas Kumar (PT) Ongoing Control engineering Co-Supervisor


Sl. No. Name of Scholar Status Thesis Title Supervision
 1  Hemankan Gogai (Sponsored )  Ongoing  Microgrid and control  Supervisor
 2  Mayank Kumar  Completed(2022) Design of Hybrid Fuzzy PSO based MPPT algorithm for PV and Battery Under uncertain conditions  Supervisor
3 Rupesh Kumar Pandey Completed (2022) A Control Strategy To Mitigate Voltage Unbalance (VU) In Islanded Microgrid Using  Thermostatically Controlled Loads Supervisor
4 Siddharth Mishra Completed (2022) PSO MPPT Algorithm Based Second Order Sliding Mode Controller for PV Array Supervisor
5 Arepalli Vedavyas Completed (2021) Event Based Sliding Mode Control of Inverted Pendulum Supervisor
6 Anshu Yadav Completed (2021) Linear and non-linear controllers design for maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic system Supervisor
7 Anirban Nanda Completed (2020) Robust Tracking Control of a Differential Drive Mobile Robot Supervisor
8 Rakesh Kumar Completed (2020) Control Strategy for Active Magnetic Bearing System Supervisor


Sl. No. Name of Scholars  Status  Title  Supervision 
1  Neelim Bharradwaj, Rashika Sonowal, and Sonali Kanu  Ongoing  Modeling and controller design for Parkinson Disease   Supervisor
2  Abhilash Paul, Rakesh, and Sasank Sah  Ongoing  Design of Controller for Magnetic Ball Suspension System   Supervisor
3  Ashish Kumar Kamal and Akash Kumar  Completed (2022)  Comparative study of Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar Photovoltaic System using P&O and INC methods  Supervisor
4  Ayushman Singh Solanki and Afanan Mohammed Khan  Completed (2022)  Lithium Ion Battery Cycle Life Before Capacity Degradation  Supervisor
5  Rahul Jain and Vijay Gupta Completed (2021) Air Conditioner Power Consumption Tracker Supervisor
6 Shyamal Jha and Nikhil Raj Completed (2021) Designing An Event-Triggered Controller For an LTI Networked Control System Supervisor
7 Shivendra kumar and Rajnish kumar Completed (2020) A Report on Modeling and Controlling of Magnetic Ball Suspension System Supervisor
8 Satyam Swarup, Srikant Sahoo, and Gowtham Ravuru Completed (2020) Modeling and Magnetically Levitated vertical axis wind turbine for generation of electricity Supervisor